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Churchill 3in Gun Carrier

1:35, AFV, gebaut von Chris Frankenstein


Als Basis diente der Kit von AFV CLUB, welcher keine Probleme beim Zusammenbau verursacht. Die Konversion ist von INSIDE THE ARMOUR und besteht aus Resin und Photoätzteilen.


Die Qualität ist typisch für solch einen Umbausatz. Recht gut gegossen aber einige Blassen. Das Einzig ungewöhnliche, die Bauanleitung liegt auf einer DVD bei, wo auch gleich Bilder des Originals (oder besser deren Reste) mit drauf sind.


Nach dem Bau erfolgten die üblichen Arbeitsschritte: Grundieren, Bemalen/Malen mit LIEFECOLOR Farben, Altern mit MIG Produkten und hier habe ich das erste mal neue Produkte von AK INTERACTIVE benutzt, welche eine sehr gute Qualität haben und in ihren Effekten sehr überzeugen.

Noch ein paar Infos zum Original in Englisch:


In 1940 Vauxhall Motors won the contract to produce the A22 Infantry Tank otherwise known as the Churchill. as we know, the went on to to produce over 10 marks of gun tanks plus the AVREs and other specialised versions.

Soon after the contract was awarded, a committee met at the war office to discuss the percieved need for a vehicle mounting a high velocity large weapon capable of penetrating the armour of even the heaviest German tank. This vehicle was planned as part of the defence forces for the xpected invasio of England. 


The committe settled on the 3in AAA Gun, also known as the 20cwt. This was originally a naval gun that saw service as Anti Aircraft Artillery in WWI and the early stages of WWII but by the end of 1940 was being replaced by the newer larger and more effective 3.7in AAA gun. 


The next question was what to mount this gun in? It was eventually decided that the gun should be fitted to an existing chassis to save development time, and that it should be the churchill. The churchill was the largest, heaviest tank available to British forces at the time and with its long wheel base it provided the most stable available platform for the monster gun. 


Vauxhall submitted a plan involving the basic MkIII chassis with a large heavily armoured superstructure mounting the gun on a limited traverse. 


400 hundred were ordered from Vauxhall, but it seems Vauxhall were less than keen to divert production from the existing gun tank orders as the completed vehciles were built under license by another company. 


In the end only 50 were built before the project was cancelled. Initial trials proved successful, but although a unit was earmarked to train on the vehicles it seems it was never issued to a regiment or battalion. 



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